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The platform for all your Files, Docs, Processes, Tasks, and Reports. Assign Tasks and track progress right from the Word and Excel files. No more searching through multiple platforms or losing track of important action items and information.

We work with

  • Project Management
  • Customer Success
  • Planning
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • OKR & KPI
  • Compliance
  • Quality
  • HR
  • Accounting
  • Policy Management
  • Compliance


reduce project costs


less time spent on planning


less emails


less time spent on search

AI-powered Collaboration and Project Management platform that links Word, Excel, Tasks and Reports
in one place

Improved planning and organization

Help teams plan and organize their projects more effectively by providing tools for tasks such as creating project schedules, assigning tasks, and tracking progress.

Improved communication

Communicate more effectively with team members and stakeholders by providing a centralized platform for communication and information sharing.

Better risk management

Identify and mitigate risks by providing tools for risk assessment and risk management.

Improved resource allocation

Optimize the allocation of resources, such as time, money, and personnel, by providing tools for resource planning and management.

Increased accountability

Increase accountability by providing a clear record of who is responsible for each task and when it is due.

Increased visibility

Increase visibility into the status of a project by providing real-time information about the progress of tasks, the allocation of resources, and the overall status of the project.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered assistant

Increase your productivity with AI-powered writing assistant and editing tool that helps you to improve your texts and make them more readable and understandable.

  • Job Descriptions
  • Interview Questions
  • Job Offer Letters
  • Recruiting Emails
  • And more...

See everything in one place so you can effortlessly manage your team, projects and clients

B6 Cloud allows your teams to interact and communicate while doing their work, creating a collaborative environment that lets them work smarter and more efficiently. Communicate progress with your managers or external parties using B6 Cloud’s powerful reporting.

Turn thoughts into actions

Create task instantaneously in any part of the document with just a few clicks. Tasks are stored in the user’s personal dashboard and can be viewed as a list, Kanban or a GANTT-chart. Turn your written procedures or meeting notes into tasks and never worry about team-work discoordination again.

Organize everything in one place

From quarterly planning docs to onboarding documentation, everything lives on B6 Cloud. Stay organized by grouping related docs together in a dedicated space that can be accessed by just you or by everyone. Powerful search and structured page trees make sure content is always easy to find and within reach.

Build a culture of open teamwork

With social features, employees at every level have a voice to contribute, share, and receive feedback.

Feedback in context

Speed up the review process and move work forward. Jointly edit pages, give and get feedback via inline and page comments, mention a team member you need help from, and get more visibility into the decisions your team makes.

More than just text

Create anything from meeting notes and product requirements to marketing plans and HR policies. Start with a blank page or a customizable template and add some personality with images, videos, and gifs to make your work come to life.

Increased efficiency

Streamlining project management processes and reducing manual tasks to save time and improve productivity.

Improved collaboration

Enabling team members to work together more effectively, share information and ideas, and stay aligned on project goals.

Loved by users

I've used a lot of project management tools in my career, but this one is by far the best for marketing teams.

Avesta PAvesta PMarketing Director

I was skeptical about using a new tool for event planning, but B6 Cloud has exceeded my expectations.

David M.David M.Event Director

As someone who isn't particularly tech-savvy, I appreciate the simplicity of B6 Cloud.

Michael B.Michael B.Event Executive

As a sales professional, this AI assistant has helped me to write effective proposals and sales pitches. It has saved me so much time!

Emily P.Emily P.Director of Sales

We were struggling to keep our customer success projects organized and on track before we started using this tool. Now, everything is in one place, and we can easily see what needs to be done and when.

Vlad T.Vlad T.Customer Success

I have been using this tool for a few weeks now, and I am already seeing a difference in how our team operates. We are able to deliver better results on time.

Marta G.Marta G.Professional Services

B6 Cloud has revolutionized the way I manage my projects. I can't imagine going back to my old tools!

Jane K.Jane K.Startup Founder

With its easy-to-use interface, I can quickly create and assign tasks right inside of the documents.

Melissa R.Melissa R.Program Manager

I've tried several project management tools, and this one is by far the best. The ability to link Word documents and spreadsheets with tasks and reports is a game-changer.

Emily P.Emily P.Project Manager

The tool has streamlined our hiring process and made it much easier to manage candidate pipelines.

Susan P.Susan P.Head of HR

Since implementing this policy management tool, we've been able to ensure all of our policies are up-to-date and easily accessible to all employees.

Veronica L.Veronica L.Director of HR

B6 Cloud has revolutionized the way I manage my projects. I can't imagine going back to my old tools!

Jane K.Jane K.Startup Founder

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