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B6 Cloud, is tackling Collaboration and Project Management for Enterprise.

There are a lot of great project management tools like Notion, Atlassian (Jira and Confluence), Clickup, Monday, Asana, etc. But working with Enterprise we found that a lot of people are still using Word and Spreadsheets for Project management.

Why do modern project management tools try to change user behavior and switch working environment?

Most professionals today still work in editors built on architecture from 30 years ago. As a result, teams spend 40% of their time managing workflows: searching, managing tasks, looking for the right version, recreating existing work from scratch and managing revisions across tools. It's a constant headache that is incredibly inefficient. 

Additionally, tools like Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Box and Dropbox lack project management and reporting. And Notion, Clickup and Atlassian are built for tech-savvy people and require users to store all generic files elsewhere. What is clear is that the marketplace is fragmented, and nobody is solving complete enterprise content collaboration architecture. This is where B6 Cloud shines!

B6 Cloud has built for the entire stack and offers:

  • Embed Tasks in a Docs and Spreadsheets

  • Team Collaboration and Communication with True Context

  • Projects Management (List, Kanban, Gantt, Calendar)

  • Recurring Tasks

  • Files Storage

  • Files Versioning

  • Internal & Public Documentation in one place

B6 Cloud = Google Docs (Word and Spreadsheet) + Task Managers + Dropbox + (Slack/Teams)

  • 26% reduce project management costs

  • 61% less time to find information

  • 84% less emails

  • 56% less time spent on planning