Knowledge, Community, and Tools to help startups launch faster.

This guide covering all aspects of starting up - from developing a business idea and setting up a company to marketing your new business, getting that first sale and making the most of the latest tech developments.

Full of great advice from start-up experts, it's packed with case studies of people who've successfully started their own businesses.


  • Startup idea validation

  • Product-Market fit

  • Business Model Canvas for Startups

  • How to Raise Money for Startup

  • How to value a startup

  • Startup Lifecycle

  • Startup financial models

  • Pitch deck for startups

  • Questions/Answers with Investors

  • Top Fundraising Mistakes by Founders

  • Go-to-Market Best Practices for Startups

  • Business Insurance

  • Fundraising

    • Fundraising cold email

    • Seed Fundraising — Term Sheet Problems

    • When Investors Say Yes but Mean No

    • How to Request an Introduction

    • Tops-down, bottoms-up investors

    • How to raise money from friends and family

    • Raising Money in Today's World

    • Pre-seed is the new seed

    • How do VCs make money?

    • The #1 thing most people do wrong when they fundraise

    • Questions Early Stage VCs May Ask You

    • How to close investors

    • 11 Fundraising Secrets from 1600 Startups

    • Early-stage valuations for startups