Transitioning to a PM Role by Google Product Leader, Deepti Gupta

Why PM? Am I the right fit for PM?

What is your motivation?


  • Higher salary

  • CEO of the product

  • Lead and manage the teams


  • Love building products

  • Customer empathy

  • Strong collaboration

Self reflection

  • Strengths and weaknesses

Evaluate your fitment

  • Transferable skills

  • Relevant practical experience

Imposter Syndrome

  • You are not the only one!

  • Not even 1% doubt in your abilities

  • Practice makes perfect

    • Develop product thinking muscle - self practice and practice case studies with peers

  • Spiritual/Motivational groups

    • SGI - Buddhist Organization

    • Sadhguru - Inner Engineering

Developing the relevant skills/experience

  • Leverage your network

  • Reach out to PMs/PM Managers

  • Build your own product

  • Other projects

Acing the interviews

Practical tips for interviews

  • Never jump to answering the question

    • Take time to structure and organize before answering

  • When explaining the solutions, tie them back to the goal/vision

  • Be crisp and concise - rule of 3

  • Take the experience to + and ++

  • Always state your assumptions and explain the rationale, especially in estimation questions

  • Make sure you state your prioritization criteria clearly and evaluate each option before picking one.

Deepti Gupta, Google Product Leader