Sport event plan example

Pre-event preparation

  • Choose venue and secure necessary permits

  • Define the type of sports event (e.g. competition, tournament, exhibition)

  • Determine the number of teams or participants

  • Develop event schedule and format

  • Establish rules and regulations

  • Hire officials, referees, and staff

  • Obtain necessary medical and emergency services

  • Arrange for transportation and accommodation for participants

  • Plan and arrange for food and beverage services

  • Book audio and visual equipment and lighting

  • Coordinate with media and arrange for coverage

  • Secure sponsorships and partnerships

  • Promote the event through various channels (e.g. social media, flyers, posters)

Event day

  • Set up venue, including sport fields or courts, scoreboards, and seating

  • Register participants and distribute necessary materials

  • Conduct a pre-event meeting for participants, officials, and staff

  • Begin the event according to the schedule

  • Monitor the event and enforce rules and regulations

  • Provide necessary medical attention and emergency services

  • Keep score and update standings

  • Provide food and beverage services

  • Offer entertainment and other activities

  • Facilitate media coverage and interviews

End of event

  • Announce winners and distribute awards

  • Clean up and dismantle the venue

  • Collect and distribute equipment and materials

  • Gather feedback and evaluate the event

  • Prepare post-event reports and invoices

  • Thank participants, officials, staff, and sponsors for their support