ProductCon NY '22: Ideate, Grow, Evolve, Repeat by American Express VP of Product, Jose Quesada

A story about how we keep improving the app Amex.

Amex Mobile Today

We've been on a quest to set "THE" standart for Mobile in the industry

  • Millions of Daily Users...

  • Main interaction channel for customers.

  • Growth Engine for American Express.

  • Increasingly Satisfied.

  • 74% very satisfied users.

  • Award-winning app in US & int'l.

How We Got Here...

Over 10 years, the app has been in continuous evolution, each time tacking a different opportunity

Our Product Recipe

Our success stems from a never-ending search for growth and willingness to learn from failure

Amex Mobile Evolution: The Problem

50+ features with competing objectives, creating pressure on discoverability and engagement

Amex Mobile Evolution: The Journey

We used a parallel discovery track to envision and ideate without impacting BAU delivery

And leveraged our UK app to prove our hypothesis with no impact to the US market

The Result for Customers

We transformed the overall experience with no disruption, high CSAT and improving depth of engagement.

Now What?

As our product offering evolves we have an opportunity to create a coherent Family of Apps

They have the ability to integrate with each other and are often owned by the same company.

Key Takeaway:

Interoperability is the key to success, but other than that, you need to have a very clear value proposition and customer segment when it comes to the various apps you have in your family.

Jose Quesada, American Express VP of Product