Festival event planning before the event

  1. Finalize festival objectives and theme

  2. Secure location and necessary permits

  3. Define and allocate budget

  4. Recruit and manage volunteers and staff

  5. Book and confirm talent/entertainment

  6. Finalize and confirm food and beverage vendors

  7. Arrange transportation and parking logistics

  8. Plan and coordinate decorations and signage

  9. Determine and book necessary equipment rentals

  10. Develop marketing and promotion plan

  11. Confirm media coverage and press releases

  12. Finalize event schedule and program details

  13. Establish contingency plans for potential issues or inclement weather

  14. Coordinate with local authorities and emergency services

  15. Finalize pre-event briefing for all staff and volunteers.

  16. Prepare and distribute detailed event packets for vendors, staff, and volunteers

  17. Conduct pre-event meetings with all stakeholders to ensure clear communication and understanding of roles and responsibilities

  18. Test all equipment and systems in advance to ensure proper functioning on the day of the event

  19. Create and distribute a detailed map of the festival grounds for attendees, including emergency exits and first-aid stations

  20. Stock up on necessary supplies, including first-aid kits, water, and snacks

  21. Set up a system for tracking and managing cash and sales at the event

  22. Plan and coordinate volunteer and staff breaks and meals

  23. Prepare a post-event evaluation plan to assess the success of the festival and identify areas for improvement

  24. Verify all vendor contracts and agreements are in order

  25. Prepare final payment to vendors, performers, and suppliers.