Excelling as a Product Manager by PayPal Product Leader, Sumit Savla

Work as a product manager.

As product managers, we are responsible for defining the product vision, product roadmaps, and communicating what we need to build, using company resources effectively to do so.

Define product strategy/vision: what to create

- Block time and pay special attention

  • 1. Lock calendar

  • 2. Do not disturb mode

- Analysis of aspects of the current product

  • 1. Trends, analytics and backlog

  • 2. Testimonials and customer testimonials

- Explore new features and ideas

  • 1. Marketing and competitive research

  • Technology and Industry Trends

All this will help you understand the needs of the business or the needs of the customers and you will be able to look at your company from the point of view of your company and work on it. You will also be able to keep abreast of new technologies in the industry.

Sell ​​Your Vision/Product Strategy: Why Build

- Put in first place

  • 1. Top down or bottom up

  • 2. Ride the bandwagon

- Get resources

  • 1. Communicate the benefits to your management

  • 2. Work with EM by size

- Purchase by interested parties

  • 1. Share benefits and common goals

  • 2. Share the vision with your management and company leaders

Run: build and run

- Document

  • 1. PRD, FAQ, launch plan

  • 2. Review and Refine

- Report progress and share results

  • 1. Update before launch

  • 2. Update after launch

- Don't get hung up on everyday consumables.

  • 1. Use EM. PMO developers and leaders


- Be proactive

- Take the time to define the vision and roadmap: what

- Communicate benefits and impact frequently: why

- Focus on documenting, mitigating launch risks, and sharing updates: execution

Sumit Savla, PayPal Product Leader