Coming From Outside of Tech to Product by Zoom Product Leader, Kris Gallagher

How to get a role in product management from an unconventional experience. This is a common topic in conversations about how to become a product manager. 

4 Keys to the transition & Action Items.

  1. Mentorship. 

  • Find someone who has completed your same career transition. 

  • Action Item (AI): Used Linkedin to find someone who used to be in the same industry that is now a PM. 

  • "If you want advice, ask for a job. If you want a job, ask for advice. " 

  1. Translate your skills. 

Learn the Language. 

  • Subscribe to Podcast. 

  • Read books and blogs.  

  • Attend industry conferences. 

  • Read Job descriptions. 

(AI) Translate your resume. 

  • Translate your resume bullets. 

  • Translate your stories. 

  1. Expert in a Product. 

  • PM is the voice of the user. 

  • You have a diverse and valuable insight. 

  • AI : Get Product Certification. 

  • AI: Write a roadmap for a product you love. 

  1. Build 

  • Start a side project. 

  • Boost Credibility and Show Initiative. 

  • AI: Volunteer Time. 

  • AI: Small Funds to build a product. 

These are 4 things that will help you gain momentum and gain trust on the way to becoming a product manager. People who are not related to technology can almost have an advantage when they become product managers, look for product manager roles, because they communicate more with users and bring several different ideas to the organization. The last key to success is perseverance. There can be many failures and failures on the way to success, so you need to be stubborn in your aspiration, in the vision of what you need to be a product manager. Don't take "no" for an answer, you can often be refused, but you keep going in your direction. If you persevere and take some of these steps, you can achieve your goal. 

Kris Gallagher, Zoom Product Leader.