Career Transformation Mindset by fmr LinkedIn Product Leader, Harini Nunduri 

  1. Am I ready for Career Transformation?  

  • Dream role: The one you're passionate about & gives courage on the path forward! 

  • Identify your strengths & weaknesses. 

  • Interview your peers, managers to validate your strengths. 

  • Have a plan to leverage strengths and work on improvements to be ready for your dream role. 

  1. Find a Mentor 

  • A good Mentor is invested and rallies for turning your goals into susses. 

  • Find a mentor at Work, on the Linkedin network, or in your manager. 

  • Mentor-Mentee relation goes hand in hand, so prepare really well to get the right support. 

  1. Practice. 

  • Interview prep is a SKILL. 

  • Practice a lot through mock interviews. 

  • Shadow a Product manager to learn the day-to-day job. 

  • Try rotation programs to learn more about the role. 

  • Focus on strengthening Core PM Capabilities/skills like Analytics, Business Acumen, Leadership, Strategy, etc. 

  1. Interviews. 

  • Prepare your resume & cover letter capturing key experiences from previous roles. 

  • Network wuth the recruiter or employees in various roles at the company. 

  • While applying for jobs, understand company strategy, wins, potential improvements. 

  • Prep on questions for the hiring team, recruiter. 



  • Cracking the pm interview 

  • The pm handbook 

  • The Design of Everyday Things 

  • Getting Things Done 

  • Ben Horowitz - the hard thing about hard things 

  • User Stories Applied by Mike Cohhn 

  • Decode and conquer. 

Harini Nunduri, fmr LinkedIn Product Leader.