Building Creative Thinking as a PM by Microsoft Product Leader, Isha Sharma

Creative thinking is critical to bringing innovative ideas as a PM. 

3 ways to develop creative thinking skills. 

  1. Assess your product area.  

  • Market Research 

  • Problems and solutions today. 

  • Organizational Efficiencies and Deficiencies. 

  1. Enhance your data and product area with storytelling. 

  • Every product has a purpose - value proposition. 

  • How does your product or feature bring value - what is the back story? 

  • Create demos, marketing materials, that would help you with building a story. 

  1. Go out in the field and of the field altogether.  

  • Engage with customers. 

  • Discuss with technical experts. 

  • Explore new technical and non-technical areas. 

These 3 values are very important for the development of your creative thinking. By creating a knowledge base about your market, your product, your feature set, it would allow you to think about your product and its integrity, and see what opportunities exist for innovation. When you create stories of your functions and, as it were, tie them to the value proposition of your product, these stories help you connect these dots. It is very important to appreciate the views of your users, interact with them and talk to them using many ways: social networks, go outside and talk to your users, use various programs to interact with users. Users in everyday life see things in your product that work and don't work that you may not see. Going beyond your product, you think about what different industries are doing, you will be able to see how you can apply your product today. 

Isha Sharma, a PM by Microsoft Product Leader.