Build a Robust Product Roadmap to Achieve Short & Long Term Goals by Tinder VP of Growth

How do think about our roadmap?

Short Term:

  • Business KPI: Improve retention, payer/subscriber conversion, increase LTV, increase in orders, increase average order value

  • They may also look like: customers drop off in onboarding, customers exposure to premium features, customers struggle to pick the right order, customers find it difficult to checkout

Long Term

  • How do we generate step function changes to user growth or revenue?

  • How do we broaden our category?

  • We have great loyalty - What can we sell to our customers?

  • Can we create ACCESS to new experiences?

How do they fit in your roadmap?

How do we breakdown short term goals?

Robust roadmap around short term goals

Building a roadmap around long term goals

An ideal view of product roadmap

How do we achieve THE BALANCE?

What should be in your roadmap to achieve short term goals?

  • A/B Testing, Driven by critical insights, local maximum levers, repeatable & optimizable over years, segmentation & cohorting

What should be in your roadmap to achieve long term goals?

  • Macro approach driven by internal insights

  • Work backwards from a business goal

  • Leverage short term sprints to validate the space

  • Smarter approach with finding signals.

Ramanand Reddi, Tinder VP of Growth