A Scalable Approach to Product Discovery by Atlassian Sr PM, Dr. Hendrik Thomas

A scalable approach to product discovery is very important, due to the fact that the perspective of employees is very relevant now. The idea is to focus on the client's pain points. To create a really good product, you need to focus on the implementation, the people who use it, and on finding customers.

Gartner Hype Cycle Model

The model starts with the launch of innovation, and at its core is always the problem of getting in touch with the customer or creating the goals you are trying to achieve.

Then a new technology, a new idea, more expectations, because you have new victories and the idea sounds good. These victories inflate expectations until you reach the peak, and then you fall into the abyss of disappointment, because all expectations cannot be met at once and you identify certain problems and tasks slow down.

As time goes by, more people don't accept any technology ideas, more wind stories come out, and you understand the best operating model. More and more people find value in it, and at some point its performance reaches a plateau and the values ​​are recognized and accepted by everyone.

This model shows quite well all the stages that you will need to go through.

Our discovery doesn't Align with our products. 

  • Manual 

  • Time – Consuming 

  • Feature / Problem focused 

  • Limited to single products 

  • Overrating of anecdotes 

  • Users are excluded 

Employee centric directed discovery 

Who do we need to interview?