How to Cold Email Investors And Actually Get Engagement

Founders, VCs get 6K emails per month, on average.

If you don't have an email outreach strategy to make your startup stand out, you'll just waste time.

Someone who knows plenty about email outreach is former YCombinator Partner Aaron Harris.

Harris has helped early-stage startups get funded for over 7 years at YC.

He has this advice for cold email outreach:

Research your target VCs to craft personalized emails that speak to their interests and past investments.

🔻 Most investors are public about what kinds of companies they would like to see in the world
🔻 Many VCs write blogs and articles
🔻 Nearly all VCs have LinkedIn profiles that founders can use to see their communication style in-network

Research EVERY. SINGLE. INVESTOR. that you want to talk to and write a custom introduction that speaks directly to them.

Below, I've attached an example email to Adora Cheung (Homejoy founder, YC advisor) 👇

Adora - 

I'm building a marketplace for home cleaners. I have a novel approach to this - all of the cleaners are robots. We've launched and just started to grow.

I think you'd be a great investor for us because of your experience with Homejoy. I think we've solved unit economics and reliability. Can we discuss this for 15 minutes? Happy to email if that's better for you.