80 Best Email Subject Lines for MOPs


NEW: [Blog Post Title]

NEW: How Slack Generates 100,000,000 Website Visitors Per Month

[Number] Lessons [I/We] Learned by [Action You Took]

7 Lessons I Learned Doubling Sumo’s Blog Traffic From 100,000 To 200,000 Visitors In One Month

How [Type Of Person] did [Action They Took]

How 35 influencers grew their sites from 0-10K visitors

The Best Of [Topic]

The best time to send emails

How Your [Data Point] compares to everyone else’s

How your email opt-in rate compares to everyone else’s

Here’s Why We [Something Remarkable]

Here’s why we just spent $1.5 million 

My Big [Topic] Mistake

My big email popup mistake

[Authority’s Name] [Topic + Secret/Tips]

Tony Robbins’ 1,000,000 website visitors per month traffic strategy 

How We [Result] In [Timeframe]

How we grew a site from 0 to 10k visitors in a month 

[Action] Now

Open this right now 

[Case Study] [Result of Case Study]

[Case Study] Kickstarter campaign makes $15k in 28 hours 

How To [Achieve Desired Result]

How to get 2,239 email subscribers in 117 days 

[Celebrity] School Of [Topic]

Tony Robbins School Of Marketing 

Do THIS [Benefit]

Do THIS if you want more website traffic 

[Name of Newsletter] [Issue #]

The Sumo Email Marketing Newsletter #24 

[Number] experts [Topic]

10 experts share their one EPIC roundup post

Avoid These [Number] [Topic] [Pitfalls/Mistakes]

Avoid these 10 call-to-action button mistakes 

[Topic 1], [Topic 2], and [Main Topic]

UFC, sore thumbs, and power words 

The Art Of [Topic]

The art of headline writing 

The [Percentage] Rule Of [Topic]

The 80% rule of testing a business idea 

The most interesting [Person] in the world

The most interesting ecommerce entrepreneur in the world

Can’t believe how much you’ll love this [product]

Can’t believe how much you’ll love this List Builder app 

Normally We [Do Something]. You Get It [New Way]

Normally we charge $500 for this advice. You get it free in our new Sumo Marketing Book 

Last call: [Name Of Product] closes in [#] hours

Last call: Sumo Pro Account closes in 3 hours 

Fix Your [Problem] Now

Fix Your Email Open Rates Now

Try Out [Product] For Yourself 

Try out Sumo for yourself

[Flash Sale] [Name of Product] [Discount]

Flash Sale: Black Rhinos Book 50% Off 

[Time Left]: [What’s on offer] for [Discount]

48 hours left: 1 year of Beacon Unlimited for free

Quick Announcement: [Topic] is here

Quick announcement: The live Shopify case study is here

[Audience] [Topic]

Ecommerce owners! Here’s how to grow your ecommerce business 

Proof That [Product] Works

Proof that Sumo’s cart abandonment strategy works 

Don’t buy [Product Name] until you read this

Don’t buy Sumo for your Shopify store until you read this

[Subject] vs [Subject]

$$$ vs % off discount

The Death Of [Topic]

The death of Facebook ads

How can you [Topic]?

How can you grow your YouTube channel?

You, A [Desired Result]?

You, an ecommerce all-star?

Imagine [Desired Result]

Imagine having a full year of content planned in advance

Save [Discount] [Items] This [Season]!

Save 25% on shoes this spring!

The most surprising [Product] features you aren’t using

The most surprising Sumo features you aren’t using

[Number] People Can’t Be Wrong

5,000 people can’t be wrong 

Use This [Thing]

Use these WordPress plugins

I Found You Through [Contact First Name] [Contact Last Name]

I Found You Through Mark Zuckerberg

A better way to [achieve goal]

A better way to capture email subscribers who buy

The Real Reason [Target Market] [Attracted To Product/Topic]

The real reason Shopify store owners use Sumo

The Truth About [Topic/Person]

The truth about Sumo.com discount codes

The Problem With [Insert Problem]

The problem with your Pinterest marketing strategy

[Event Name] [Reason for Messaging]

SumoCon 2020 Tickets 

Let me [action]

Let me show you how to get video testimonials from customers for $10

[Name], are you the correct contact?

Bob, are you the correct contact?

Can I Help with [Topic/Problem]?

Can I help increase your traffic from affiliates?

Idea to help solve [Problem]

Idea to help get people referring friends to your business

[Name], meet [your new product/feature]

Dean, meet FAM!

[Name], just wanted to share this [content] with you

Ash, just wanted to share this video on lowering cart abandons with you

Will you reach your [Goal]

Will you reach your email list growth goal

Found you on [network/website]

Found you on Twitter

[Topic] got you [emotion]? Can I help?

Increasing your website traffic got you down? Can I help?

[Time of day], [Name]

Afternoon, Ash

[Company/name] rocks!

Sumo’s blog rocks!

[Name], I’d love to chat about [topic]

Dave, I’d love to chat about ecommerce pricing

Here’s the [topic] we discussed

Here’s the quote we discussed

[Name], thanks for your time [today, yesterday, last week]

Chris, thanks for your time today

We still on for [Date/Time]?

We still on for Tuesday?

[X] Ways to [Experience Growth] with [Product]

5 Ways to Kill Your Next Workout With Sumo Protein

I forgot to mention [Topic]

I forgot to mention how I get more orders with a GWP strategy

We haven’t [Action]

We haven’t stopped giving instant discounts

Missed you, how’s [Day]?

Missed you, how’s Thursday?

What’s your [Question]

What’s your calendar look like next Wed at 3 pm?

Follow Up re: [Topic discussed]

Follow Up re: Mobile popup strategy

Awesome to Meet You at [Event/Place] [Date/Time]

Awesome to Meet You at SumoCon Last Week

Touching Base Regarding [Topic] [Date/Time]

Touching Base Regarding Our Pitch Yesterday

Checking in on [topic]

Checking in on our one-page business plan

[One more thing] about [topic]

One more thing about our ecommerce strategy

Hey, I [something bad that gets attention]

Hey, I messed up.

Welcome to [Brand/Name]!

Welcome to Sumo!

Welcome to [Brand/Name] - [Action encouraged]

Welcome to Warby Parker! Try on some glasses now

[Business name]: Thank you for being a customer

Dollar Shave Club: Thank you for being a customer

[Date/Time] You [Action took]

Last Wednesday You Added Nike Running Shoes to your basket

Your order of [product name]

Your order of Spiderman 3

Welcome to [product name] - [next steps]

Welcome to Uber - here’s how to take your first ride

Action Required: [Task]

Action Required: Confirm Your Email Address