5 Key AI and ML Product Management Skills by Amazon Product Lead, Charu Sareen

What is Machine Learning

"The field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed".

Arthur Samuel

Today, machine learning is everywhere. We interact with it every day in our daily life (YouTube, search engines, etc.). The same goes for voice assistance - Google Home, Amazon Alexa. There are areas where we don't exactly see or perceive that we're using machine learning, such as a message from your credit card company when you make a purchase; chat bots; autonomous vehicles; social media.

Al product management focuses on using artificial intelligence, deep learning, or machine learning to enhance, improve, create, and shape products.

ML Workflow

1. Solve the business problem

- When to ML or not?

- Define success for the ML model

- Account for uncertainty

2. Data and Responsible Al

- Available and accessible

- Respect user privacy

- Secure

- Unbiased

- Relevant

3. Optimize models through feedback

4. User Experience

- Understand your user

- Focus on user behavior: Conscious vs Unconscious Experience

- Be opinionated about outcomes you want for the user.

5. Who are my stakeholders?


1. Define the problem and business opportunity

2. Data first and use it responsibly

3. Feedback: Ask customers the right questions

4. Enhance User Experience

5. Effective collaboration with cross functional teams

Charu Sareen, Amazon Product Lead.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGOyNC7Zja4