0 to 1: Taking a Concept & Launching an MVP by Wish Product Leader, Atish Bhattacharjya

What is an MVP

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development.

Elements of an MVP

  1. Subset of problems

Item not delivered beyond due date

  1. Focus on basics

No NLP. Pre formed responses

  1. Minimal resources

Built on Web / deployed across all platforms

  1. Rapid feedback

Click Analytics. Thumbs Up / Down score

  1. Rapid iteration

Adding new issues. Automating more flows

Tackle a subset of problems & focus on the basics

  • Break down the user problem and see where the biggest opportunities are

  • Reduce complexity in

    • Functionality

    • Usability

    • Design

Be frugal with resources

  • “Hacking” a solution could be ok → remember to do it the right way when you scale

  • Which one is faster – Building in house OR Integrating with a 3rd party

  • Native App Vs Web development

Get rapid feedback from your users

  • Strive for rapid feedback (within a day)

    • Qualitative

    • Build analytics into the product

  • How does it affect user behavior throughout the experience

Quickly iterate based on feedback making progress towards the complete solution

  • Test the limits before optimizing

  • Understand adoption before scaling

Closing Thoughts

  • You're still solving a PROBLEM. You're still building a PRODUCT.

  • Pick the most critical job to be done.

  • Get the job done, even if it's not very pretty

  • Measure & Learn

Atish Bhattacharjya, Wish Product Leader